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Rai Ko Ris - himalayan anarcho Punk - Nepal last update Sept 2014

Hi punks, Rai ko Ris have split up though we have a new release this month with Huasipungo in the US. All albums are available at the Infoshop and at Olivier's place, Kathmandu but we wait for the arrival of this latest one.

S.Rai of the band started writing songs with the 'Youth Unite' hub + wife duo last year Nov 2013 + continues to play the bass + write new songs with them; youth unite play neo-crust (i guess that's what they call it..?!). We've done some shows this year + will continue to play...a weblink to the band will follow shortly..Youth Unite will play a festival in Goa in mid November 2014.


Sareena, Ganga + Pratik are running the infoshop in a little shared space with fellow punk Ajay of REBEL INKS tattoo in Thamel (since Sept.2014). Head towards Sorakhutte area, we are in the building that has an art/painting shop downstairs opposite Mandap Hotel with a bakery. Go through the corridoor + we are on the 3rd floor. We continue doing diy shows + though we struggle, we will keep it going + u r welcome. Please contact us at earthseaskies@gmail.com to know where we are + when. We consciously try to keep shows safe from getting super macho, druggy + violent so that we can all dance in the pit togetha, women, men,kids, gay, bi, + queer as fk. No borders, no pasaran!

Up the punks, solidarity!

O Bertin,drummer and founding member of Rai Ko Ris is still in Kathmandu. I live in a village in the north of Kathmandu, sometimes have rooms to stay on free price, a practice space.....so musicians are most welcome to jam any style of music, am putting together a little infoshop with all rai ko ris albums books and pamphlets. If you are new to Nepal, I can give you infos on the politics and geographics of the country. contact: raikoris@wlink.com.np


Latest news 

Split cd Huasipungo (latino punks) with Rai Ko Ris is finally out in the US this month, May 2014! Thanks Jane + Esneider! They will send us copies soon via punk post! Check out the album cover photos below. Artwork original by my sista-in-law Emily Johns, co-editor of the oldest anti-war newspaper Peace News in UK. Cheers Emily, fellow anarco-mother, artist + gardener. The revolution lives!




Past events

2013 "Ungovernable Anti-National Europe Tour" from 05.04 - 18.04 - with Rai Ko Ris + Dasa Fon Flasa (Slovakia)

Friday 15th March, Hse of Music (Thamel) with The Doltish, Squirt Guns, Tank Girl, 7.30pm, 100 rps entrance.

Sunday 10th March (Shivaratri fest) - Tank Girl (back on the attack) + Rai Ko Ris live at Backyard (Jamsikhel, Patan) 7-10pm, 100 rupee entrance.

Friday 9th - Saturday 10th March, Punx Picnic just for bands (bring sleeping bags + food) at The Infoshop with Tank Girl, Squirt Guns, The Doltish, Youth Unite duo. Also bands learning at The Infoshop: Female Ego, 3 Little Rosemaries, Girls Generation.

Latest posting + more photos below!: March 2013

Sorry we were born in the time when there was no internet-anarchy + now there is, we can't handle it! We are not good at it or we are too shy of it. Here's some latest newsflash:

- line up 2013: S.Rai: guitars / O.Bertin: drums / N.Tegmo: bass

- New 6th ablum is out since January 2013 "Ungovernable Mountains". Check out cover, etc on diyblogspot nepal. Nothings changed, still on cd-r.

- European tour dates organized by punks Lu + Go are fixed: 6 - 19 April, 2013 starting at the Resist Fest in Warsaw, Poland. Contact the band for dates + countries that follow.

- Small Infoshop activities continue: organize gigs in town / women's zine Self Defense issue was out in August 2012 / recording local punk band demos (youth unite, the doltish)

- Seems like folks have put recent live stuff on youtube. Thanks to all.


_ raikoris@wlink.com.np

: earthseaskies@gmail.com 

Post: S.Rai/O Bertin PO Box 8975, EPC 4104, Kathmandu, Nepal

This site is managed by the band + was created in March 2010 (old websites + myspaces, video uploads, facebooks, etc created by others {we don't have a clue who in most cases!} carry outdated info - sorry to all those who keep coming across those). 


Rai Ko Ris history:

- Band was established in 2000 in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Organised d.i.y shows since 13 years. We also started running a distro + practise space in 2001.

- Toured France 2001.

- Toured Singapore/Malaysia 2002.

- Rai Ko Ris were invited to a fest in Denmark in Sept. 2010 (oi Andreas!). The band then continued to tour Europe + shared the stage with the following bands Inferno (Italy), Wojczech (Germany), Mossuraya (Switzerland), Kalashnikov (Italy), Donder Hound (Belgium), Hjertestop (Denmark), Atomic Tango, Ze Revengers + many more great bands from the political, d.i.y.conspiracy!  

- S.Rai + O.Bertin have had alter egos in the bands Tank Girl, Reggae/Ska-punk outfit Naya Faya (with N.Tegmo), + Fabulous Maxi Pads to name a few.


Olivier would like to thank here all past members of Rai Ko Ris........this great adventure would not have been  possible without you all:

Amit Thapa (bass n guit), Sushil Manandhar (bass), Bodh Ghale (guit n vox), Sabin Shresta (guit n vox), Sampreety Gurung (guit), Vishnu (vox), the great Khadga Ghale (guit, vox n madness), Nils Tegmo (bass) and Johannas Plank (bass and madness).


INFOSHOP history - Kathmandu

S.Rai + O.Bertin officially began The Infoshop since Dec. 2004 + with a small radical bookstore + d.i.y publishing since Jan. 2010. A distro + practise room began in 2000. 

This is a hole-in-the-wall radical bookstore with anarco feminist/queer/gay alternative literature + magazines, books + pamphlets on anarchism, d.i.y sustainable living, + socio-politico music magazines.

Thanks to the Ricecooker team in Malaysia, Irregular Rhythm Assylum in Japan, Francis of Love from Hate...the Philippines, Friesen Collective (Bremen, Germany), 1000 Fryd (Alborg, Denmark), Eef, Fort Van Sjakoo + ADM squat (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), friends Cutter (Barcelona, Spain), Fuselwoche + Wojczech (Rostock), Dasa von Flasa (Slovakia), Lu + Go (Warsaw), Arne at Riot + Dance, Fred Justice + all the Nepali punks who think the band are old bastards + should retire. ha ha! 'Til death, friends.  

Cd-r Albums:

1.Self titled Dec 2001 live in the practice room

2.Guerrilla 2003 (cassette also)

3.Tank Girl 2005 (available also on vinyl, released by Riot + Dance in Hannover)

4.New Anti-national Anthem 2006 (available download on Interthrashional website)

5.Nepal Ko Katha Haru (Stories from Nepal) 2010. 

6.Ungovernable Mountains - end of 2012 - 2013.

7. Split with Huasipungo (South + Central American punk) just released May 2014 with 6 unreleased trax recorded in 2004;


- 1 x lp: Tank Girl 'Kids with Guns + Choco Fun' Released by Riot + Dance Records 2009, Germany

- 2 x eps: 'Just the beginning' ep released by Tian An Men 89 Records in 2001, France

 + 'Himalayan Frostbite' ep released by  Batattak Records, 2004, USA

- Other releases: 

Russia - with band Jazzilla, 2001 (cassette split)

Malaysia - with band Relationsheep, 2002 (cd)

Indonesia 'No Label Records' 2004 (cd);

No Front Teeth Zine UK comp, track 'Bishal Bazaar' 2003 (cd);

Israel re-released RkR album - schizo distro (cd);

Massenmorder comp, Germany (cd);

Split with Huasipungo (South + Central American punk) still pending (!) with 6 unreleased trax in 2004;

‘Punk Rock Terrorist’ 2010 compilation of Rai Ko Ris songs full length cd release on ‘Love from Hate Records’ Philippines;

Tank Girl + Street Ruffian (from Poland) split released by Love from Hate Records in 2010...

Asian Underground 2012 (Love from Hate)

+ many more that we can’t keep track of!


All available from the band + from the conspiracy of distros worldwide - Ruin Nation, Riot and Dance, Tenzenmen, etc.



Below: Tank Girl (with S.Gurung on guitar) Nov. 2009



 Rai Ko Ris in the practise room at home, photos by stephane lapin-velo 2013.


 Infoshop's Punx picnic, March 2013, photos by sampi.

Female Ego


Squirt Guns


 3 Lil' Rosemaries


 Youth Unite duo


 The Doltish


At home with J terrestrial